The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021

The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021
The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021

Introduction Of The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021

The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021. A kitchen essential the refrigerator best-connected refrigerators of 2021 the Samsung family down and a multi refrigerator connected door which presents itself as the nerve and social center of the home, in particular, thanks to its large touch screen from this interface Samsung deploys.

The Refrigerator Is Fully Coated With A Stainless Steel

A wide range of functions to manage your fridge and if food but also to entertain family members it will be possible to ” listen to music videos or interact with the voice assistant on the design side the refrigerator is fully coated with a stainless steel front as well to say that it looks great in the kitchen the control panel is located on the front and the parameters are quite numerous among them.

A boost mode for the freezer the temperature adjustment a vacation mode an alarm and the cool mode 7 which allows you to convert one of the areas of the freezer into a fridge if necessary just below there is the water and ice dispenser it will still be necessary to think of connecting it to a water inlet to take advantage of it. inside the refrigerator we find ourselves facing.

The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021
The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021

A very comfortable capacity each compartment has its cooling circuit to maintain the right temperature in all areas more precisely there are three floors segmented two vegetable bins and a mixed compartment allowing to store its meat, for example, each door embeds three balls finally knows in its freezing part.

A Magnificent Refrigerator Entirely Covered

There are three fairly large bins Enéreux to accommodate all your frozen foods LG offers us a magnificent refrigerator entirely covered with a matt stainless steel front installed in the kitchen it immediately commands respect and flatters the retina but those who fill their eyes it ‘ is the instinct view it is a glass door that allows you to see and quickly access.

The food to be stored while limiting the entry of hot air into the fridge so that the LED is clear you will have to type twice on the glass the light then remains on for 10 seconds several shelves make up this window the control panel is located on the front and allows easy access to all the settings we can in particular set the temperature but also manage the refrigeration modes and quick freezing.

The child lock or the wi fi connection below we find the water and ice dispenser that must be connected to the water supply the capacity of the refrigerator climbs to 405 liters and that of the freezer reaches 196 liters LG also chooses to circulate no frost in different cavities of the refrigerator composed of five floors of the vegetable compartment.

Refrigerator Even From A Distance

But no meat area the door and aprons of 4 shelves that can accommodate any type of packaging and bottles up to a liter and a half in the freezing part there are two very generous shelves of shelves and four floors to accommodate all your frozen foods finally keep control of your refrigerator even from a distance thanks to the think.

In your application for temperature adjustment or mode selection, you can manage everything directly from your smartphone because the refrigerator is a model that can want to be very energy efficient in addition to the usual refrigeration and freezer compartments the beco also accommodates a wine cellar in its lower part the cellar can hold up to thirty- one bottle.

That you can place on the four cherry wood shelves, two of them are equipped with telescopic rails for easy handling despite the glass of the door treated against -UV and the anti-vibration compressor the small béco cellar is not intended for aging wine but simply for storage; above all it allows the wine to be brought to the ideal temperature for its tasting on the volume side.

A Drawer In Which The Airflow And Humidity Allow Food

The back has 3,173 liters for its fridge part it also has a drawer in which the airflow and humidity allow food to be stored longer because has also fitted the two vegetable bins with blue light diodes according to the manufacturer this allows to keep the flavors and vitamins of fruits and vegetables on the freezer side we end up with a capacity of 73 liters finally.

The control panel of all the appliances elements are on the front and allows access to all the parameters it allows, in particular, to activate a freezing or rapid cooling function or even the holiday mode the big difference here with the old log model and the integration of the system artificial intelligence called LG think you this system allows the equipment to learn the habits of its users for example.

It knows that the fridge door will be open at certain times and that the temperature will then have to be lowered it is also equipped with a 29-inch lcd touch screen it allows you to exchange digital reminders with the family, share a calendar and reminders or even leave a list of things to do the highlight of the show is the compatibility with alexa d ‘amazon.

The Refrigerator Part And 196 For The Freezing Part

Which allows you to manage your refrigerator by voice for storage capacity and refrigeration, the latest LG model does not change and always offers the same liters that the previous instinct view is 405 liters for the refrigerator part and 196 for the freezing part the manufacturer elsewhere offers a multi-door refrigerator whose right part accommodates a 21-inch TFT.

Touch screen as with samsung or lg the user will be able to have access to videos or other information such as his diary or the weather forecast he will also be able to leave messages thanks to the digital notepad or have access to other features related to the kitchen the link cook also has some very special assets. him in particular.

The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021
The Smart Refrigerators Of 2021

The automatic switching on of the screen as soon as someone approaches within a meter and fifty but also the opening of one of the refrigerator doors when you press the button right next to the screen finally the last feature elsewhere equips his refrigerator with the voice assistant Alexa all this model offers many particularly practical features some are connected and others do not think smart.

The Refrigerator This Two-Door Refrigerator Offers

The fridge has a removable breakfast tray and a 360-degree rotating spin view tray the idea is to allow you to easily search for all your products while helping you to reduce the amount of food waste by giving you the best possible access to all the food in the fridge its other strong point is the intelligent temperature probe which automatically adjusts.

The temperature of your fridge according to the different compartments of the refrigerator this two-door refrigerator offers a smaller capacity than our other competitors it nevertheless has a nice refrigeration and freezing space more we applaud the brand’s desire to avoid waste the french cilicie technology is also discreet she plays everything.

He even on small important details is very big advantage lies in the addition of a fusion key cup system this system allows you to transform your refrigerator into a real barista coffee or tea it does not scare him it connects to wifi allowing you to preheat the water from your smartphone for this you will have to think about downloading the dedicated application of the brand your latest generation refrigerator also incorporates precise.