Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500

Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500
Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500

Introduction Of Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500

Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500. Best laptops for less than 500 euros available on amazon a classic black chassis a look that ensures discretion without losing in robustness the connection integrated into this thin and light computer is rather correct and consists mainly of an HDMI output and 3 usb the keyboard r has a numeric keypad on the right.

The Display Of High Definition Content

It is certainly quite standard for a 15-inch computer but some manufacturers still ignore the screen as it lends itself well to the display of high definition content since it adopts full hd more thanks to its anti-reflective treatment the screen is also more readable than a simple shiny panel especially in a bright environment.

The dell 35.05 and reactive and we feel that it was designed for use current it, therefore, delivers good performance whether in office or for surfing the net we owe its responsiveness to its 8 gigabytes of ram which is very useful in multitasking attention however equipped with an intel core i3 turbo processor it can show its limits when using applications.

Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500

what are too greedy or play a little too heavy not intended for gaming use the dell has a small graphics card the radio Rx vega3 it will, however, be known as powerfully powerful for photo editing or video editing on the storage side, lovers of large capacities will be delighted since the day inspiration embeds 1 tera of storage finally concerning autonomy.

Which Occupies 80 7% Of The Space

It will be necessary to count on an average of five hours on battery if you were seduced by the 14-inch MacBook chassis do not expect to find the same here the 15 inherits a chassis mainly made of plastic and aluminum it’s a shame but it allows to drastically lower the note at the checkout anyway all surfaces are smooth and matt and everything is assembled with care by the brand here.

Sobriety is required and that’s good from the opening we are immediately grabbed by the borderless screen which occupies 80 7% of the space the immersion is perfect especially as the dali PSA on wide viewing angles the definition of the full hd screen will suit as many people as possible and allows an Officier all hd content in the best conditions on.

Its side the connection ensures a more than correct level even if some will regret the absence of card reader we find however an HDMI 3 output by usb and a usb port it is also a biometric reader is hidden at the level of the power button for fast and secure authentication on the performance side the des 15 is equipped with the recent quad-core raizen 5 processor.

Run Most Medium Definition Games

It can take care of common tasks, photo retouching, or even editing video the processor is second start 8 gigs of ram to bring even more fluidity the graphics card as for it is powerful enough to run most medium definition games on its side the storage is entrusted to a dedicated 256 Giga SSD and brings even more fluidity and speed to windows 10 finally.

The autonomy of the 15 allows 7 hours of use on average namely q ue thanks to the fast charge the computer recovers half of its battery in 30 minutes in addition to the traditional black grilled colors the swift 1 offers three other more flashy colors on the finish side it is a good surprise for an entry-level computer the aluminum finish is neat and has nothing to envy other more high-end models concerning the connectors.

There are two 3-point usb ports 1 a usb port c is an HDMI output on the left edge to the right a usb port and a card reader are present the swift 1 is therefore very well stocked if the intel Pentium n5000 processor is suitable for surfing the internet and managing word processing it will be necessary to be patient for all other more demanding tasks the.

The Computer To Gain In Storage Capacity

Storage is as for entrusted to him to an SSD and MMC allowing to evolve the computer to gain in storage capacity finally concerning the autonomy the swift 1 will delight the most nomadic among you by proposing a hold of 12 hours 30 on average an autonomy which is also able to pass the 26 hours in minimum brightness Lenovo rethinking its 2020 range with the arrival of the s series.

Which is none other than the new entry-level of the brand very simple if not basic in terms of design its chassis favors sobriety with an entirely gray shell and some textural effects and the whole is therefore very refined and compacted which is reflected in the screen and its borders fairly thin side around the screen Lenovo sought to refine the borders.

But without making it a borderless screen however the screen reveals a full hd definition and a basic TN panel on the connection side also Lenovo plays the minimum union we find therefore an HDMI output 3 usb ports and a card reader on the other hand the new surprises on the performance of his computer it is equipped with a Core i5 quad-core processor so.

The 8 Gigabytes Of Ram Provides A Fluid

It supports loads common uses and perfectly masters some more demanding applications opposite the 8 gigabytes of ram provides a fluid multitasking environment the graphics part integrates intel hd g1 and can handle all common tasks or even some occasional games as long as these are not too greedy the storage part is entrusted to a 512 gig SSD.

This brings a good dose of responsiveness to the passage finally concerning the autonomy it will be necessary to be satisfied with an average of 4 or 5 hours maximum in light use at the similar to that Chromebook signed by hp we notice a ceramic double with a silky impression which creates a soft contrast with the aluminum color of the base hp has also taken care of the small details with a logo and mirror hinges then comes.

The moment to open it and discover the touch screen that covers the black borders and time a computer convertible into a tablet it is good to hp’s share of keeping the borders wide enough to avoid typing errors convertible the screen swings 360 degrees around the base the hinges inspires confidence the Chromebook x360 offers.

A MicroSD card reader and a Kensington

A rather well-supplied connection made up of two usb ports that are d ” a usb port for a MicroSD card reader and a Kensington anti-theft clip several points generate enthusiasm about the screen at first we are dealing with a dali ps with a display visible from all angles we thus recover a native hd definition plus which is quite honest for a 12-inch computer on the performance side.

We find ourselves facing chrome os is, therefore, a small intel Celeron m 4000 dual-core processor as part of a classic use there is nothing to say everything and responsive and the processor supports everything that chrome os can offer finally concerning the autonomy it will take an average of ten hours tr ente.

Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500
Top 5 Best Laptops Under $500

Which can go back to 30 hours in minimum brightness is in airplane mode to give its 14 inch vivo book its own aesthetic identity asus has chosen to dress its cover with a graphic design around its logo is distributed over the entire surface the screen also plays a decisive role in the aesthetics of the ultrabook and its refined nano contours and must increase.

Allows a 14-inch panel to slide into a 13- inch frame

The feeling of immersion but also allows a 14-inch panel to slide into a 13- inch frame. inch connectivity issue the essential is present there is an HDMI output and 3 usb ports and a usb port it is versatile another welcome feature on this Vivo book and names it pads its principle is to show a highlighted numeric keypad on the touchpad live it to the goat is equipped with a Celeron dual-core processor ‘n 40.20.

Which delivers sufficient performance to run common tasks in addition there are only 4 gigs of ram we support those who can be a brake on multitasking however the 128 Giga SSD brings a little reactivity to the whole finally live it with the goat has a maximum of 7 hours of autonomy the Elitebook 820 to buy benefit from a neat construction.

Its aluminum and magnesium alloy shell is sober and very resistant the connectivity is provided and the choice of connectivity between the wired and wireless network is also very complete the capacity of evolution is limited but we appreciated the possibility of adding an SSD or hard drive already on board the backlit keyboard offers excellent typing comfort the whole is perfectly resistant to pressure the touchpad and TrackPoint are also very effective the screen for its part displays a definition basic but we appreciate the treatment of the screen against reflections.