High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021

High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021
High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021

Introduction Of High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021

High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021. Best dash ranges on the market but first an ashkan what is it is a small camera that you can embark in your car or your motorbike and which allows you to film your journeys it attaches to your windshield or your dashboard and can be used as proof in the event of an accident with your insurance.

A Viewing Angle of 140 degrees And A Full-Resolution

We start with this calm task of the discreet next bays brand it has a viewing angle of 140 degrees and a full-resolution hd what’s up to see very good quality images it also has a touch screen to retrieve your videos, nothing could be simpler with the wifi and Bluetooth connection the files will be sent directly to your smartphone.

Via an application and thanks to its suction cup you will be able to hold it on your ashkan windshield 7 also has an integrated GPS which allows you to locate where your vehicle has been in the event of an accident which distinguishes it from other models and that it incorporates Alexa artificial intelligence.

High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021
High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021

This will simplify your age and you can play your favorite music aloud make calls find a route a parking lot etc in the event of an accident this date range thanks to its emergency SOS feature will automatically call the emergency services to tell them where you are and to them communicate your medical file if you have completed it beforehand and at the slightest impact on your vehicle when it is lost.

A Front Camera Of 150 5 Degrees

The camera will trigger and film automatically thanks to its intelligent parking mode another important point this date that allows me to connect thanks to pigs compatible other additional camera modules to optimize your safety this beautiful range of the brand 20 holes is distinguished by its dual cameras a front camera of 150 5 degrees is another rear 265 degrees.

This will allow double protection filmed in 4k more you can rotate them to have different points of view the interior camera has 4 infrared LEDs to ensure good exposure in low light if the car is parked and there is movement near it were hooking the camera automatically records thanks to its sensor g the video will be saved on your computer as.

A video event with this camera you can use sd cards up to 256 Giga against 32 in general and it is equipped with supercapacitors resistant to temperatures ranging from 14 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit which limits the risk of overheating and a better battery life 7h range also incorporates a microphone which record altercations and a GPS.

Its 10-Inch Ultra Hd Touch Screen 7H Cam

Which can record your routes and your speeds with its 10-inch ultra hd touch screen 7 h cam does not go unnoticed you can opt either for a front or rear hd camera or you install it on your front windshield or your windshield rear or the license plate with its sony amics 355 sensor and its 170 ° angle it covers a large part of the road and reduces the blind spot.

It is waterproof the front agent of the rear camera is that it can become an internal camera thanks to a cable of 0.2 m and a cable of 8 meters supplied with it is also waterproof allowing to be effective even in the event of heavy rains with its large opening e t cécile anti towards the brightness will always be a good level and will allow good quality images in the event of a shock.

The g sensor will film automatically even when parked the scene this can be useful to you from your insurance company you can buy the GPS in addition to know your location and record your driving speed the particularity of this model placed with the suction cup on your windshield and that it has a 360 ° panoramic vision thanks to its two front and rear HD cameras each at an angle of 190 degrees in the same video.

The Camera Records Speed Variations

We find the two images which are split so you can take beautiful landscapes in panorama mode this equipment also has an accelerometer, i.e. in case of sudden movements such as braking the camera records speed variations like the previous models in the event of an impact the camera is triggered automatically even when you the vehicle is parked the led light setting, i.e.

The infrared light is used to illuminate the passenger compartment if it is too dark you can split your videos from one to five minutes for the sd card it accepts models up to 64 Giga a microphone is also integrated let’s move on to another model here which is aimed at professionals the king’s Lynn of the 5 it differs from the other models with a resolution in ultra hd 4k an angle of 170 degrees and a lens with fixed focal length with 6 glasses.

It has three recording modes four cases and 1080p if you drive at night the hdr high dynamic range technology makes it possible to make the video usable you can store up to 256 Giga and choose videotapes from ” one to five minutes you can find on your videos your route and your driving speed and thanks to the integrated GPS.

The Camera Has An Anti-Shake Function

The wifi is also integrated which allows you thanks the application to visualize the c content and modify the parameters of your range task 7h range also supports emergency recording in the event of an impact on your vehicle I here we go to the dash range dedicated to the motorcycle it is equipped with a sony MX 323 front and rear lens sensor with a video resolution of 1920 by 1080 p 30 m per second so.

You can take stable videos even at high speed plus the material is waterproof in case of strong rains the shooting of each front and rear lens and 250 degrees which allows full protection at 300 degrees even if you take winding roads the camera has an anti-shake function which allows you to have beautiful stable images thanks to the GPS.

High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021
High-Tech Dash Cams of 2021

You can follow your saved route locations and speeds this model has a wired remote control installed near the handlebar this will allow you to take pictures of record your voice or lock files in the event of an accident this equipment is no exception to the rule it also has a g sensor which is triggered in the event of an impact to allow you to have a video recording of the collision latest model in this video.

A Traditional Camera With More Than Two Hours

This is another new range from the midland brand dedicated to motorcycles which are attached to the handlebars the bike guardian camera films in 1080p or 720p full hd mode and has an angle of view of 120 degrees it has two recording modes the first is that if you connect the camera to the usb port of your motorbike.

It will record your entire trip with five-minute clips from the start of your motorbike until ‘at its stop what to film beautiful landscapes another use and that it can also be used as a traditional camera with more than two hours of recording this lady has a capacity of 128 Giga it is equipped with a stabilizer and it do not fear the rain.