The Largest Data Center In The World

The Largest Data Center In The World
The Largest Data Center In The World

Introduction Of The Largest Data Center In The World

The Largest Data Center In The World. The largest data center in the world a data center for those who do not know is a data processing center it is an element necessary for the processing and storage of digital data contrary to what one might think it is not a cloud strictly speaking but a physical place containing a huge computer.

Thee Switch Company Which Opened This Datacenter

Servers moreover some companies can rent space storage and thus avoid the presence of these famous servers in their premises in terms of large servers and computer hyper security our big winner is called Tahoe Raynaud 1 is thee switch company which opened this datacenter if you do not know this company switch inc is a company.

Whose objective is to develop internet connectivity intelligently and sustainably designed according to standards shots 4 takes Raynaud 1 consists of 1.3 million of square feet or 120 thousand square meters switch data center space still plans to expand to a total of 670 thousand square meters at its opening tahoe Raynaud 1 had a capacity of 130 megawatts or one-fifth of its.

The Largest Data Center In The World
The Largest Data Center In The World

The target of 650 megawatts surrounded by a six-meter concrete wall the complex also known as the citadel campus is located on an 800-hectare expanse very close to the Tesla Giga factory the switch company has worked hard on security la reliability and low latency of the data center the whole is indeed supported by the super magnifying system.

Data Centers Of The Company Located In Las Vegas

It is about an optical fiber network of approximately 800 kilometers and several terabytes directing towards san Francisco and Los Angeles to this are added the 230 thousand square meters of data centers of the company located in las vegas already having circuits offering less than 2.4 milliseconds of latency the installation of Hawaii operates at 100% with renewable energy.

That switch is currently buying outside but this will not always be the case the company is planning a large solar project called the gigawatt one this project is under construction and part is even already completed this area will use first solar photovoltaic panels to generate a total of 555 megawatts of renewable energy Greenpeace also applauded.

The project is classified the existing infrastructure of the company as one of the greenest companies in the world according to twitch the gigawatt project located in Nevada has a story when it will be the largest 10 solar projects behind the meter in the world the project s said behind the meter generates electricity off.

A 250-Megawatt Hour Battery Storage System

The public grid thus imposing no load on the production of utility gigawatts producing 127 megawatts of solar power to come to support the consumption standards of the citadel campus and will also include a 250-megawatt hour battery storage system and of course we will have to find a solution to store this astronomical amount of energy for this switch naturally turn to his neighbor.

Tesla and his Shiga factory to be able to store part of the production and ensure 24-hour uninterrupted power in all weather conditions switch therefore asked tesla for a module called mega pack it is nothing more or less than a very large lithium-ion battery at present each mega pack supplied 3 megawatts of energy capacity and 1.5 megawatts of inverter capacity.

The set will allow, according to the director of the e switcher’s strategy of guaranteeing their customers a relatively stable cost of electricity of around 5 cents per kilowatt-hour while continuing to benefit from green energy in the long term if switch decided to call the largest data center of the world the citadel it is not for nothing.

Data Computer Viruses Malware Denial Of Service

This nomination alludes to the emphasis placed by the giant on security and innovation of all computer systems and protect against threats of hacking and unauthorized access but also in the face of loss or destruction of data computer viruses malware denial of service attacks and many others the citadel is also installed in an area with low risk of natural disaster.

The Largest Data Center In The World
The Largest Data Center In The World

The Nevada wind is the only natural element that could potentially present a risk but switch faces this danger thanks to its redundant roofing system known as the sweet shield switch schil d is a full-fledged patented system that consists of an interior and exterior roof with a separation of almost 3 meters between the two.

The two roofs are non-penetrable steel waterproof and airtight can withstand winds of up to 320 kilometers per hour and here the outer roof and damaged inner roof still protect the IT equipment the extreme temperatures of the desert are the other challenge the citadel has to face however energy efficiency and the company’s advanced cooling helps alleviate.

The Datacenter Rents A Major Part

The problem of temperatures throughout the switch system alters both the outside temperatures and the heat generated by the computer servers the last risk for the citadel human risk indeed a physical, electronic, or cyber security breach in the campus could prove to be catastrophic, however, the company is also protecting itself against this kind of problem.

If the 6 m concrete walls avoid the risk of breaking in a security service is also present h 24 this service only employs former soldiers or men with similar backgrounds finally the citadel has its own service of fires and can thus deal with a fire in a few minutes as we told you above the datacenter rents a major part of its servers to large companies the citadel welcomes large customers like eBay.

Which brings 14% of the income but also Microsoft google amazon PayPal and FedEx thanks to the success of tahoe Raynaud a switch began at the beginning of 2021 to expand and build additional sectors within its first data center the work should be completed by the middle of 2021 but it is not all the company has also set development milestones for tao and reno de switch hope this new project will be fully completed I here the beginning of 2023.