Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021

Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021
Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021

Introduction Of Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021

Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021. This gadget that could save your life this gadget looks like a phone headset this is far from the case alert has no use for communication and sits behind his ear this little gadget 2.32 g detects the movements of the head and indicates to the driver of the car that he is in the process of doze off all you need to do is your head suddenly sagging forward 20 or 30 degrees for a beep to sound.

Small Device Works With Batteries Not Provided

This small device works with batteries not provided by the manufacturer so it could save your life indeed. ‘after summer uof about 30% of road accidents are caused by drowsy driving so do not play with fire if you feel that you are starting to tire stop and rest to greatly reduce the risk of driving while driving.

Drunkenness and to compensate for the lack of care solutions, the good hand gel brand has developed a prevention tool to alert, secure, and assist all people who take the road here is, therefore, a nomadic breathalyzer who couples with a dedicated smartphone application allowing precise measurement of the user’s blood alcohol level thanks to an electronic sensor in the event of positive measurements.

Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021
Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021

The user and his companions can be taken care of by the company’s concierge a taxi comes to meet people and accompany them directly to their homes or hotels when they are traveling to provide support for the application sends to servers the exact GPS position of the vehicle or the user geolocation by the application also allows to deliver.

The Connectivity Of The Device

As a result of precise measurements according to the legal rate of the country in which one is located and the type of license the connectivity of the device also allows the implementation of the vehicle immobilizer system the body guardian art is a small discreet wireless monitor it attaches directly to the chest with an adhesive gel and is equipped with a medical electrode.

This technology allows you allows you to go about your usual business without restrictions are advanced algorithms capture heart problems versus arrhythmia or atrial fibrillation and provide physicians with a reliable source of information live once done the patient and physician can follow in real-time the heart rate the patient will be able to have access to all his information either via.

The website or directly via the dedicated application available on android and ios at Standford university doctor Sanji Gambhir and these researchers have developed a smart toilet this toilet records and analyzes the user’s health status by analyzing his SSL urine and search for molecules that could indicate certain diseases.

Which Not Only Charges Two USB Devices

The toilet can also study the flow of the ring and follow the composition of the latter to ensure the proper functioning of the kidneys of the bladder or the prostate once all this information has been collected they are sent to a system hosted in a cloud to be analyzed and shared with your attending physician other work is in progress to manufacture.

A tank seat is intended to detect heart problems this seat can measure cardiac output, rhythm, and a person’s blood pressure marketed by stylus innovation the stinger is a new g two in one gadget which not only charges two usb devices but also pulls you out of your vehicle in the event of an accident the usb ports features smart circuit design to protect.

The stinger from short circuits from overheating and overloading in indeed it is equipped with a blade that will allow you to cut your seat belt in the event of blockage and a mini spring to break a window to extract quickly from the vehicle by being integrated into a car charger you are sure to always have your emergency exit door close at hand.

The Portuguese Company Our Races Performances

This innovative lifebuoy and designed by the portuguese company our races performances until now when a person was in danger a buoy was thrown at him hoping that he manages to catch it here it is the mud and that is directed towards the person in danger thanks to a motor and a remote control system which allows to control it from a distance this in addition to allowing it to float and not to drown.

This buoy can bring the person back to the nearest rescue vessel where the beach on its technical sheet mud and youssef can reach a maximum speed of 15 kilometers at the hour for 30 minutes the propellers and their water intake are housed in the two arms of the buoy and work in both directions an internal sensor reverses.

Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021
Gadgets That Can Save Your Life In 2021

The direction of rotation in the event of the buoy being overturned by a fully integrated wave. propellers do not present any danger for the person rescued thus no more problem of waves or current the buoy and driven in record time to the person to be saved Youssef has also been greeted by the press and has even been rewarded by the demon ward in 2019.

The Result Of More Than 10 Years Of Scientific

Created in 2014 sharks band technologies is the result of more than 10 years of scientific research sharks band uses patented magnetic technology and was developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species in fact sharks have the strongest electro reception i.e. they have a certain sensitivity to electric fields he uses.

This ability to swim at night in murky waters or to hunt the shark being adjusted to seek weak electromagnetic signals this organ is therefore very sensitive so in the natural environment the shark bands triggered very powerful electromagnetic waves which become unpleasant for the shark pushing it to turn around no need for batteries or batteries your sharks bands is always on.

Its design has also been worked on to make it light and ergonomic and avoid unbalancing amateur and professional swimmers and surfers the shark band can be worn on the wrist or on the ankle and weighs only 85 g be careful all the same each strip uses powerful magnetic technology to repel sharks magnetism can damage electronic and medical devices so it is important to keep any device at least 30cm away once you are out of the water remember to store your sharks strip in its assigned box to avoid damage.